• 100% biodegradable non plastic PLA straws

    S06 : white 7*210mm (wrapped, 100pcs)


    I am not plastic, made from plants!
    Our PLA straws are made from a plant-based material from corn.
    These straws are the natural choice for everyone also for kids. Also,
    it is environmentally friendly approved by U.S. FDA and Germany SGS.




 100% biodegradable PLA Straws 

S06 - White Bulk ( wrapped, 100pcs)



​Our non-plastic PLA straws are made from a plant-based material from corn, and 

Each straw is wrapped by paper for virus-safe and clean-drinking experience for you,

your family, and your customers. (without S03 bulk model.)

And the package wrapping straws are also made with PLA.






* check-point


- Our plastic straws are environmentally friendly and approved by

U.S. FDA and Germany SGS. 


- PLA straws are generally safe and better for our Earth than traditional plastic,

and more durable & sanitary than paper straws, lighter than steel/metal/paper straw.

- Each straw is packed individually in paper. ( without S03 bulk model.)



Spacedrink's standard for eco-friendly products is sustainability.

The most important thing is returning back to nature 

without leaving it as trash on the earth after use.






S03: 7*210mm ( unwrapped, 100pcs)

S06: 7*210mm ( wrapped, 100pcs)

S07: 7*250mm ( wrapped, 100pcs)

S08: 12*210mm ( wrapped, 100pcs)

S09: 9*230mm ( wrapped, 100pcs)

S11: 6*230mm ( wrapped, 100pcs)