Service Terms & Conditions

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the ``Terms of Use'') refer to SPACEDRINK (hereinafter referred to as the company) and users (hereinafter It is intended to specifically stipulate all matters and other necessary matters related to the subscription conditions and use of the service provided by the company between'members').

Article 2 (Effect and change of the terms of use) )

  1. These terms and conditions are posted on the service menu and the company for all users who wish to use the service, including customers who are subscribed to the company, or by notifying the customer in other ways. Takes effect. The posting of the terms and conditions can be checked on the site.
  2. The company may change these terms and conditions if there is a reasonable reason, and if the terms and conditions are changed, it will be disclosed in advance without delay.
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Article 3 (rules other than the terms and conditions)

These terms and conditions apply to the use of the service, and for matters not specified in these terms and conditions, the Basic Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, It is in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and other related laws.

Privacy Policy

This is the SPACEDRINK site.

Thank you for the use of our company's homepage, and I will explain the privacy policy on the homepage.

Please note that this applies to all currently operated websites.


◆ Information that is automatically collected and stored

  • When you use our website, the following information is automatically collected, Saved.
    • Your Internet domain name and the address of the website you visited our homepage
    • User's browser type and OS
    • Visit date and time
  • In order to provide better service to users, the information automatically collected and stored as above is It will be used for statistical analysis and smooth communication between users and the website for improvement and supplementation.
    However, please note that there may be cases where such information may be submitted according to the provisions of the law.

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